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2019-04-12 23:01:16

Sidelights Of Hybiome New Manufacturing Site Foundation Laying Ceremony

In the morning of April 11th, 2019, Suzhou Hybiome Biomedical Engineering Company new manufacturing site foundation laying ceremony held solemnly, Secretary of SND CPC Working Committee and Director of Huqiu District Government Mr. Wu Xinming, Vice Chairman of SND Administrative Committee and Vice Director of Huqiu District Government Mr. Wang Mu, Member of SND Party Leadership Group, Chairman of Xushuguan ETDZ Mr. Huang Feng, BioMérieux Chairman and CEO Mr. Alexandre Mérieux, BioMérieux Corporate Vice President, ASPAC Head Mr. Pierre Boulud, BioMérieux General Manager of Greater China, Hybiome Board Director Mr. Wang Haofeng, Hybiome Chairman Mr. Dong Jianhua, Hybiome Board Director Mr. Ralf Sigmund, Ms. Huang Xiaoying attended the ceremony. The foundation laying ceremony was also attended by the leaders of the relevant government departments of Suzhou High-tech Zone, Xushuguan ETDZ, senior executives from BioMérieux and Hybiome, as well as Hybiome staff representatives, together of 150 people.

001_1.jpgHybiome Chairman Mr. Dong Jianhua delivered a speech and extended his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests present at the ceremony. The new site covers an area of 37,000 square meters, supporting facilities are about 63,000 square meters with a total investment of 280 million Yuan, and the foundation of the new manufacturing site will surely become a milestone in the company's development, which will play a decisive role in the company's further development.


Stockholders' representative BioMérieux Chairman and CEO Mr. Alexandre Mérieux delivered a speech, expressed thanks to the leaders of Suzhou High-tech Zone for their strong support to the development of enterprises, and believe that BioMérieux and Hybiome will develop steadily and sustainably with cooperation, grow together and mutual support.


Secretary of SND CPC Working Committee and Director of Huqiu District Government Mr. Wu Xinming delivered a speech, expressed congratulations to the foundation laying ceremony and give fully recognition of the rapid development of Hybiome in recent years. At the same time, Mr. Wu Xinming expressed will keep support the development of Hybiome project as it was in the past, supporting the development and growth of Hybiome, sincerely wished Hybiome a great success and flourish future.


At Last, Hybiome Chairman Mr. Dong Jianhua together with the leaders and guests at the foundation laying ceremony waving spades and cultivate soil to lay the foundation for Hybiome new site project.


The success of the foundation laying ceremony of the project marks a key step in the construction of the project, believes that with the support from the leaders of Suzhou High-tech Zone and the joint efforts of all the employees of the company, a new type of enterprise that meets the modern management standards will soon stand up in this vitality land.


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