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Hybiome @ MEDLAB Dubai 2019

2019-02-11 21:53:43

Dubai, a city which reminds you the words: gold and oil. Yes, this is true, oil has already accelerated the development of Dubai, which has made Dubai a rich and famous city. Nowadays, Dubai has also become a business hub and exhibition center, many big events take place here, which attracts the attention from all over the world. This year, MEDLAB Middle East 2019, the annual feast is successfully held in Dubai. It gathered more than 26,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors from over 129 countries.


Hybiome has brought 3 automatic CLIA on this big event, AE-240, AE-180, and AE-120, with a full reagent menu, they can satisfy customers’ various needs. SA-120, the automatic blood grouping analyzer, with an open platform which can match different blood grouping cards. All of them attracted many visitors stopped for a deep communication.


Hybiome, a fast growing enterprise in the medical field in China, with acooperation with the bioMérieux, we believe Hybiome will make greater and better contributions to the well-being of human health.


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