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Chairman of the Merieux Foundation Visited Hybiome

2018-11-11 23:12:12

On November 8ththe Founder of BioMerieux, Chairman of the Merieux Foundation Mr. Alain Mérieux presence visits Suzhou Hybiome Biomedical Engineering Ltd. All the Hybiome employees sincerely welcome Mr. Alain Mérieux and the management team from BioMerieux, also General Manager of BioMerieux Greater China Mr. Haofeng Wang, Strategic Action Manager of BioMerieux Asia Pacific Mr. Arnaud Favry and the leader of Business Development of BioMerieux Greater China Ms. Tingting He.


Mr. Alain Mérieux greets and thanks all the employees from Hybiome for their warm welcome. Mr. Alain Merieux gives a heart-touching speech, saying what an honor and privilege this opportunity to visit Hybiome is. This is his first time at the Hybiome HQ, he is hoping that the integration and cooperation between Hybiome and BioMerieux will fasten the speed of company’s development, together both enterprises should make greater and better contributions to the well-being of human health.


The Chairman of Hybiome Mr. JianHua Dong, General Manager of Hybiome Mr. Leo Liao and the rest of executive team had meetings with Mr. Alain Mérieux and the BioMerieux management team. Mr. JianHua Dong delivered a brief speech regarding the company’s current operation status, recent development highlights, also the difficulties that Hybiome is facing in the present market. Mr. Alain Mérieux listened to Hybiome executive’s presentation and said that the outstanding achievements made in Hybiome in recent years should be recognized and praised. Mr. Alain Mérieux emphasized to the Hybiome executive team, “I have always truly believed that Hybiome is the ideal partner for us, this transnational cooperation is promising and has the potential to become a great success. We will achieve our overall goal, we have the best vision for strategic development, and we are all committed to trust each other. We are looking forward to a great future ahead!” After that, Mr. Alain Mérieux and the management team had a tour of Hybiome exhibition hall, production floor and R&D (Research & Development) departments with the accompanied by Mr. Jianhua Dong and Hybiome’s executive team. Mr. Alain Mérieux showed great interest in product performance and features, technical advantage, production capacity and sales status.  Mr. Alain Mérieux enjoyed interacting actively with front line workers asking  questions about the products and processes. Lastly, BioMerieux and Hybiome’s management team took a group picture together. 



Mr. Alain Mérieux also visited Hybiome’s new site and he studied carefully the architecture and construction sketches. Mr. Alain Mérieux was very satisfied with the Hybiome’s new site location and surroundings, he also liked the design of the building, and he is looking forward to seeing Hybiome’s new site being realized in the near future. Mr. JianHua Dong already invited Mr. Alain Mérieux to attend the future inauguration ceremony once the construction of Hybiome new site will be completed; Mr. Alain Mérieux accepted the invitation gladly.


With the visit of Mr. Alain Mérieux and BioMerieux management team, employees from Hybiome are even more motivated and encouraged about Hybiome’s future prospects. With the support obtained from BioMerieux, Hybiome will surely achieve it’s two major goals from it’s “Five-Year Action Plan Program”, which are to ensure Hybiome will become the first in class chinese enterprise in the field of chemiluminescent immunoassay diagnostic in China and to implement initial public offering (IPO) within five years.

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