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Combine Strength, Act with Conviction, Create the Future together

2018-11-10 23:33:40

OnSep 26th, the top management of Biomérieux, the new majority investor inHybiome successfully held a 5-year Action Plan Conference with the personnel ofHybiome at Qingshan Conference Center in Suzhou Science and Technology Town.Biomérieux’s President & Global CEO Alexandre Mérieux, Deputy Director ofScience Town Management Committee Mr. Guorong Wang, and Hybiome President Mr.Jianhua Dong attended the meeting and delivered important speech. Chaired byHybiome’s new General Manager Mr. Leo Liao, the meeting was attended by over300 Hybiome employees and 10 Biomérieux senior management team.

Two main objectives were put forward at themeeting. One to ensure Hybiome’s goal of becoming the leading Chineseenterprise in the field of chemiluminescence immunoassay diagnostics and theother to achieve initial public offering and listing (IPO) within five years.

Atthe meeting, Alexandre Mérieux introduced the Biomérieux, it’s history andrecent development to a worldwide leader in the IVD industry. By realizing themotto “In China, For China and With China”, Biomérieux has been activelydevoted to help in the construction of China‘s Public Health Sector. AlexandreMérieux said it has been his great pleasure to reach a cooperation with Hybiomeand he believes the cooperation will help Hybiome to be more competitive in theChinese IVD market. Biomérieux will do its utmost to support Hybiome toimplement the jointly formulated 5-year Action Plan, so as to achieve the twoobjectives as early as possible.

On behalf of Suzhou Science and TechnologyManagement Committee, Mr. Guorong Wang congratulated the participants for avery successful conference and spoke highly of the remarkable achievementsHybiome has had for 7 years. At the same time, he fully praised the five-yearAction plan and the two objectives formulated jointly by Biomérieux andHybiome. Mr. Wang stressed: the government will continue to provide help andsupport for the healthy growth of the enterprise. Will maximize the servicesand protection to Hybiome within the framework of the laws, regulations andpolicies to promote Hybiome’s rapid development.

Later,the representatives of Hybiome top management, sales, middle management andjunior staff gave speeches. All of them expressed their active and positiveattitudes towards the 5-year Action Plan and feel very confident with thecompany’s development, and are fully prepared and eager to grow together withthe company.

        Mr. Jianhua Dong looked back at Hybiome’shistory, expressed gratitude and appreciation towards his team. Mr. Dong alsoexpressed his pride for the achievements of Hybiome’s staff. He believesBiomérieux’s investment will further strengthen Hybiome’s development infuture. Devoted to the Chinese populations health, he calls for all theemployees to firmly unite and strive to implement Hybiome's 5-year Action Plan,realizing the Two main objectives:

Hybiome’s goal of becoming the leadingChinese enterprise in the field of    chemiluminescence   immunoassay diagnostics and Achieve initial public offering and listing (IPO) within fiveyears.

Duringconference the direction of the company's development was further clarified andthe staff’s sense of responsibility and mission has been raised.The company isconfident to complete the five-year action plan, and will spare no efforts topromote the early realization of the two main objectives.



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