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Belorussian Ministry of Health Delegation Visits HYBIOME

2018-11-10 23:32:38

May22nd-May 23rd, the seven members’ delegation of the Belorussian Ministry of Health came to HYBIOME for a two days long visit and investigation.The delegation made an on-the-spot investigation at the production of automatic          chemiluminescence immunoassay system and reagents. They asked very specific questions about related issues and also evaluated the files of the quality control system and the production management regulation. On the second day,      the delegation also visited the clinical laboratory of Hangzhou Yuhang No.3  Hospital to see   HYBIOME’s   AE-180      automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system in operation. The vice president of   Hangzhou Yuhang No.3      Hospital Mr. Hu Juxiong and the section chief of clinical laboratory Mr. Wang Xiaofeng made a comprehensive              introduction of instrument performance, test items,after-sale service and related Quality control’s system. During this   two-day investigation, the delegation thoroughly evaluated and analyzed HYBIOME’s R&D、QC、production and the    application of the automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system. 

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