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2017 HYBIOME Overseas Exhibition - The First Stop Dubai

2018-09-25 13:44:03
On January 30th - February 9th 2017,HYBIOME attended Arabhealth and Med Lab,both of the exhibition for the Middle East are the veryprofessional event,they are the Middle East's largest medical device and invitro diagnosis exhibition.
The exhibition HYBIOME showed the automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay systemand fully automatic blood grouping system,the models of chemiluminescence are AE-120,AE-180,AE-240 and SA-120 automatic blood grouping analyzer,the Middle East and surrounding areas of professional agents are focus on our booth andproducts,they are very interested with us for further negotiations.
The exhibition as HYBIOME overseas exhibition for the first time this year, in the deepening of the international business promotion at the same time,continue to Chinese style into people's perspective,fully display to foreign agents made in China.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year in med lab 2018.

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