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HYBIOME and SHINVA MEDICAL established strategic cooperation relations

2018-11-10 23:32:09

This month HYBIOME and SHINVA MEDICAL reached the agreement, absorb SHINVA MEDICAL to invest into HYBIOME, and to establish close strategic cooperative relations. SHINVA MEDICAL is a faucet enterprise ofmedical device industry in china, there are about more than seventy years old.Since September 2002 is go public in shanghai stock exchange (stock code:600587).Now the SHINVA MEDICAL is industry Association president Department.

More than seventy years, SHINVA MEDICAL has beendeveloped into a medical instrument and equipment, pharmacy equipment, medical service as primary service, there are nine products line ,contain supply sterilizationand supply center total solution, pharmacy equipment series total solution,radiological diagnosis and radiotherapy total solution, digitize operating room total solution, oral cavity total solution, medical environment protection andoxygen supply project total solution, experimental animal support system total solution. The IVD diagnostic reagent and instrument, biomedical and consumer etc.  Every year there are dozens of new products launchedon marketing, until there are fourteen national level new products. The company   has the hour of “china famous brand “and thefirst company who award “national level enterprise technique center” title ofmedical instrument industry in china.

With the cooperate of SHINVA MEDICAL, it canpushed the HYBIOME develop quickly, and established the hybiome advanced status in IVD area of china, at last it can become the bigger influence enterprise of IVD companies in china. 

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